Is it safe to eat at Chipotle?

As consumers, there is one good every one of us purchases, food. We all have our favorite restaurants and foods, but if you’ve been watching the news lately one your favorite restaurants may have been in the headlines. Last year outbreaks of E. Coli has scared customers and lovers of Chipotle alike.

If you’re interested in what the status of your favorite food might be, there’s an easy place you can go to right here on the internet and check, The Food and Drug Administration, their website is below…

Once you arrive, you can click on the link that reads, “Outbreak-Foods.” Here’s a picture below with what the website looks like and a red arrow pointing to the link. Click on the picture to see it at regular size.


Once you’ve arrived, you’ll see a list of recent investigations, but at the bottom you’ll see another link to older investigations. Click on that link and you will be able to find the Chipotle investigation conducted by your tax dollars. If you want to read the investigation on Chipotle, you can see it at the link below.

Remember this tip, so when you hear of food outbreaks, you know exactly where to go to get the full scoop.

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